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Angels-without-Wings Ltd is a Training and Drama Psychotherapy Service based in Birmingham, West Midlands.


Clancy Williams, Director of Angel-without-Wings, is a highly sought after qualified Drama Psychotherapist with an adaptable style of thought leadership. Recognised as a highly skilled individual in her field, she works locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Clancy is passionate about social justice, women and children's rights and the effects of trauma on the psyche of individuals, families and amongst generations. She works independently and collectively to create holistic training packages which eventually leads to paradigm shifts in thinking, feeling, behaviours, and ultimately healing.



Specialising in Creative African Centred Principles.





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Clancy’s intervention saved my life! She came stepped at a critical point in my life. Her understanding of the issue, her cultural competence and ability to challenge my negative perceptions of self was crucial. I thank Clancy dearly for her work and will continue as I believe ‘all’ black men need therapy!

Craig Pinkney - Solve: The Centre for Youth Violence and Conflict


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